I apologize in advance if this doesn’t make any sense, I’m tired.

I bought (well, my mother bought) and read Some Boys on the same day, and it was great. The topic is pretty dark, but I think Patty Blout did a great job with making it lighthearted when necessary, but not making it too lighthearted because rape is a very serious thing.

Anyway, Some Boys is about a girl named Grace who was raped by the school’s golden boy, and no one believes her. They think she’s just saying that to get attention, and she’s now been labelled as the school slut and is frequently called such. (Which is utter bull, in my opinion, but apparently Grace attends a school full of morons.)

Even the boy who found her, naked and unconscious, doesn’t believe her, but he’s also her rapist’s best friend, so he’s biased. (Although, really, it was pretty obvious what had happened.) Ian, the boy who found her, is also Grace’s love interest, once he gets over himself. (He doesn’t really get over himself until, like, the second to last chapter, smh.)

After Grace told people what Zac (the rapist) did to her, he posted a video on Facebook that’s pretty much a sex tape, meant to prove that Grace is a slut and he’s innocent. (There’s a second video that is much more accurate, but it isn’t found until later.)

Grace does something that I can’t remember, and is then punished with having to clean all the lockers over spring break. Coincidentally enough, Ian is also given this job because he also did something I can’t remember, which is just perfect since they’re not very fond of each other.

But that’s how all good romances start, so don’t worry about it.

Anywho, Ian happens to have a concussion (this is what happens when you play sports, 0/10 stars, would not recommend) and he gets dizzy at some point while they’re cleaning lockers, so then Grace gives him a sandwich and some water, and yeah. Love.

But also he’s really conflicted because Grace is pretty and funny and keeps dropping serious remarks about how she’s not lying, and Zac is his best friend and he loves him and he can’t just betray him like that. (Except for he can because I don’t think Bro Code applies if your bro raped someone and then convinced everyone the victim was just dramatic.)

Some Boys is told in alternating point-of-views (Grace and Ian’s) and is all-around lovely. I thought the conclusion was wonderful, and I really don’t remember it all that well, so this review was clearly a splendid idea, but you get the gist.

Five stars:

five stars