the madman's daughter

This ending was NOT OKAY. I repeat NOT OKAY. It’s great, but prepare yourself to want to jump off a bridge. Outrage, okay? Pure outrage.

This book is about a girl named Juliet Moreau. Her father is Dr. Morea, a character from H.G. Wells’s The Island of Dr. Moreau, and he ditched her when she was younger to go to his island. This left Juliet and her mother to make a living for themselves, which is kind of difficult in Victorian England. Her mother becomes a prostitute, but later dies of consumption, so Juliet takes a job as a maid. Then she stabs a pervy doctor in the hand–which is generally frowned upon–so she was fired.

But then she meets Montgomery, who was her father’s assistant back when he still lived in England. And he’s all grown and handsome, and she’s all grown and pretty and sparks are flyin’. So she goes to her father’s island with Montgomery, but while they’re on the boat, a castaway comes aboard–Edward. Juliet identifies with him because she’s all alone and sad, too, so she’s drawn to him, and he’s like, “Ooh, pretty girl,” because, you know, boys. Montgomery’s also starting to make his move, so Juliet’s like


When they get to the island, Juliet’s father is really weird and all, “I’ve been expecting you,” and he very casually shoves Edward into the ocean, even though he can’t swim, which is RUDE, but apparently people on this island don’t have table manners. Or any manners. At all.

Seriously, though, do you know how many times Juliet described Montgomery as a caged animal??? It got a little ridiculous.

Okay, so there are creatures on the island that aren’t human, but sort of look like humans, and they’re all things that Dr. Moreau created in his lab, so they view him as God, essentially. He has commandments and a priest, and it’s a whole shebang. Anyway, so Juliet’s secretly like, “You’re a monster!” but she doesn’t say that because she’s civilized and doesn’t want to become one of her father’s experiments.

Stuff goes down, yada yada yada, and then the ending.

the ending (!!!).gif

I’m really not okay with it, and I don’t want to spoil anything, but let’s just say that e’body got real stupid, real fast. NOT COOL, MEGAN SHEPHERD. NOT. COOL.

So, read this book, love it, all that good stuff, but don’t expect happiness and sunshine because it’s crazy. It’s all crazy. But wonderful. (I’m Team Montgomery, kind of, by the way.)

Five stars:

five stars