nearly gone

Oh my goodness, this book was so amazing. I’m not entirely sure how to go about reviewing this, but I’ll try.

So. Nearly Gone is about a girl named Nearly. Her mother’s a stripper, and her father ditched them forever ago, which is why her mother’s a stripper, and her whole life is really something. She has a best friend named Jeremy, whose father was one of her father’s gambling buddies.

When Nearly touches people, she feels their emotions, so she generally avoids human contact. Especially Jeremy, because he’s very


inside, and she’s already like that, so she really doesn’t need more of it.

Anyway, so Nearly’s trying to find her father by looking at the personals in the newspaper every week, but she keeps finding these eerie ones. A girl (or boy, I don’t remember at all) is murdered, and Nearly thinks that the clues as to where the next murder will be are in the personals section of the newspaper. So she rakes the newspapers each week, and she begins to see that the pattern is that every one who’s murdered is someone she tutored, and you’d think that she’d–oh, I don’t know–STOP TUTORING PEOPLE, but she really wants a scholarship, so, you know; if people have to die, then people have to die.

S’all good.

Oh, but then there’s Reece, who’s working with the police to keep an eye on Nearly. (I can’t imagine why, it’s not like she’s CRAZY.) Reece is real cute, and they’re real cute together, and it’s fun, if you excuse how rude she is to him.

This book is a real page-turner. There’s so much suspense and thrill, and I thought literally everyone but the killer was the killer, right up until it was revealed. It’s great.

thumbs up]

The cover’s fairly pretty, but it’s no The Jewel. That’s fine, though, because it’s so good. (!!!)

Five stars:

five stars