these broken stars

Oh my, this cover is gorgeous.

love this book so much it hurts. I was sort of scared there’d be a case of instalove, due to the way the book started and the fact that the two main characters are alone on a planet for a few weeks; but that was not the case. There was definitely some sexual tension, but it was mostly just Lilac and Tarver glaring at each other and arguing about their places in life. There were a great many biting comments. I love biting comments, especially when they’re clever, and this book features two very clever people.


Yeah, so These Broken Stars is about a girl named Lilac and a boy named Tarver–not a name, but I digress–and it’s wonderful. There’s a lot of cuddling due to lack of body heat, and indignant arm crossing, so prepare yourself for that. Lilac is the daughter of an extremely rich man, and is essentially a princess, and Tarver is a soldier, but a very high-ranking one.

They’re on a spaceship thing, and it jumps out of hyperspace too early, so Lilac and Tarver have to get into an escape pod. At this point in the story, they aren’t particularly fond of each other, because Lilac rejected him in front of her snobby friends. Anyway, so they’re alone on the escape pod, and Lilac is being a jerk, and Tarver is being equally jerk-ish, and it’s fun.

After a while on the escape pod, they land on this planet, and These Broken Stars is essentially just Lilac and Tarver insulting each other and falling in love.

ronny boy.gif

It’s great. Really.

Oh, and there was this time when Lilac and Tarver were sleeping, and Lilac was like, “Wake up, Tarver, I’m crazy and hallucinating,” and Tarver was having some issues, and they were hilarious issues that aren’t really appropriate for blog posts. It was really funny and I was on the brink of death, so.

The ending made a lot of sense, I think, but the stuff that went down before it was crazy. Like, actual insanity. But it’s good stuff, and you should all go read it, if not just because it will look amazing on every bookshelf.

Five stars (ideally, all the stars, but you know):

five stars

I read Uprooted and The Madman’s Daughter recently, but I can’t even begin to describe my love for either of them, so I don’t know about the reviews. It’s suffice to say they received five stars.