I loved this book so much! Though, it does make me worried about what my college experience will be. Cath is going to her first year of college. She has a twin sister named Wren who has decided she is trying to not be dependent on Cath and is getting a different person as a remote and therefore forcing Cath to get a roommate. Cath is not good with new people- real people. She prefers the characters in the fanfiction she writes. Her roommate is a girl named Reagan who is the opposite of Cath. With Reagan comes Levi. The guy who Cath thinks is Reagan’s boyfriend. (He’s not!) Cath has a slight romance with this complete jerk named Nick but she realizes how much he sucks. Thank God!tumblr_inline_mn8ah8zhlg1qz4rgp

This whole time Cath and Wren are slowly growing apart and Cath continues to write her awesome gay fanfiction about Simon Snow and she and Levi grow closer. I am trying to write about the whole plot but all iw ant to talk about us Levi and Cath. He loves everything about her and is amazing! (He did have that time he kissed a girl when they were first starting to date and I was like seriously? What are you doing? Are you stupid? )35470dd0-2107-0133-7de4-0a67ec7fcf67

Anyways, Cath and Levi get together, even though she is scared of a relationship the whole time and he is a little intense about everything. She and her sister become close again. Wren has to hit rock bottom fist and it made me cry and it was sad but then it got better. The eight Simon Snow book came out and Simon and Baz were together and i jumped in the air and hit my hand on the light and it really hurt but i was so happy!


Anyways, I loved this book so much! I felt like i could identify with Cath and really made me excited about college and growing up and it was awesome! Everyone needs to read it!

five stars