Red Queen Glass Sword

So, Glass Sword just came out and it was awesome! That’s why i’m doing this post now but I figured I should also do Red Queen because it doesn’t really make sense if you don’t know the plot of both.

  1. !!!SPOILER!!! I’m going to spoil things. I’m saying it right now so don’t complain.
  2. This book- at least the second- has a love square thingy. I love it.

In this world, there are two types of people:

  • Reds- people with red blood, commoners
  • Silvers- people with silver blood and powers, nobles & royals

The main character is named Mare Barrow and she is a Red. She ends up working at the castle and is helping at one of the matches- in an arena, like gladiators Sparta. She has powers with electricity but she has red blood. The royal family tries to cover it up by saying she is a silver and deciding she is going to marry their youngest son Maven. (The other prince, Cal, is the one who got her a job at the castle) **Love Triangle** tumblr_mcmlh6NMep1qihztbo1_400.gif

She and Maven join the rebel group called the Scarlet Guard and get closer. Eventually, and I am skipping a lot, the leader of the Scarlet Guard is captured and you find out Maven and the Queen, his mother-not Cal’s- are evil. nVg3h54 They make Cal kill his own father- Queen Elara can control people- and it is super sad! Cal and Mare end up escaping with the help of Captain Farley, Shade (Her not-so-dead brother), and Kilorn (Childhood Best friend- Love square participant). That is the end of Red Queen. Awesome book.

five stars

So Glass Sword came out on Tuesday and i finished it during biology class on Thursday. It was awesome!

You find out that there are more people like Mare and Shade called Newbloods. The main group looking for them consists if Mare, Shade, Cal, Kilorn, and Captain Farley. You add in a few awesome Newbloods like Nix and Cameron. The whole book they are being chased by Maven who I know is evil and yet I still get so excited every time he is in the book. He’s just so f1bf9f0b714b6b6bb975696123135e08 and i’m like 6357107425294104041547882172_gossip gilr and everything is great. Maven, Kilorn, Cal. I don’t even know. It was a great book and she introduced a lot of new characters and powers and everyone should go read it right now!

five stars