I don’t really know how to write bad reviews, because I usually don’t finish books I don’t like, but here goes.

Okay, so, Evermore wasn’t terrible, in that I finished it, but I can’t even count the number of times that I rolled my eyes. And good God, Ever, STOP PRESSING YOUR LIPS. IT’S NOT CUTE.

pressing lips.gif

Also, she and Damen are so annoying. Mostly her, but still. She’s so hot and cold, and it’s irritating. DO YOU LIKE HIM OR NOT, EVER? JESUS. She’s ugh. And Damen keeps flirting with her, then Stacia, then her, then Stacia, and he’s also terrible at keeping his powers secret. Like, I hope the people above him scold him for all the flowers.

(I would just like to point out that Damen is spelled with an O, like on The Vampire Diaries, not an E. just saying.)

Okay, immortals? They’re called vampires. Stop trying to be original. If you want to make Damen a vampire, you do you, Alyson Noel, but don’t make him a weird vampire-ripoff-thing. That’s just annoying.

And I wish that there was something more with Ever’s powers. It was just like, “Yeah, I talk to my dead sister all the time, and I know you, Mr. Robins.”


I wanted Ever to be a lot more powerful and awesome than she was. The only thing she did that I liked was when she very beautifully threatened Stacia with all of her bad deeds. That made me very happy.

you go

But then she sucked for the rest of the book. I mean, there was a point where a character died, and all she could do was complain about how hard her life is, and how her boyfriend is lying to her and her best friend hates her. I HATE YOU, TOO, SO I’M GLAD WE’VE COVERED THAT.

eye roll

The writing’s fine, I guess, but the plot was awful. I don’t recommend this to anyone, honestly.

One star:

one star

(Oh my goodness, I’ve never given a book one star. I feel so harsh and also very powerful.)