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Ugh. I don’t even care if my sister–Jenny; I should really just refer to her as Jenny–has laid claim to this book because she owns it, I will review it. I feel so many things. I need to vent before I explode or something. I might spoil things; I’m having a rough time right now.

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I mean, Peter Kavinsky, everyone.

P.S. I Still Love You is the sequel to To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, which is also an excellent book. If you haven’t read the first book, you probably shouldn’t read this review because you might be confused.


Okay, so, I don’t really remember how TAtBILB ended, but I think it was with a fight between Peter and Lara Jean, because at the beginning of this book, Lara Jean went over to Peter’s house to make up with him. And they kissed.


And I was so happy. And then this video of Lara Jean and Peter kissing in a hot tub leaked, and Lara Jean’s school life sucked a lot, along with her relationship, because she told Peter that she thought Genevieve–the resident mean girl and also her former best friend–was the one who took the video, but Peter took Gen’s side. (Kind of.)

There was a lot with Lara Jean freaking out over Genevieve and Peter, even though he really and truly wasn’t cheating on her. Ugh. But she became super suspicious of them, and it was terrible.

And then, Homewrecker Johnny McClaren swooped in and was a really stand-up guy. I’m not saying that Peter isn’t also a stand-up guy, but Johnny is really much better, all around. But oh well, I’ve been Team Peter since Day One.

But there’s also that letter Lara Jean wrote to Johnny in which she proclaimed her love for him, which was ugh, because now he’s all smiley and chivalrous and nice, and Peter’s just his usual not-as-nice-as-Johnny self, and it’s just so terrible, because now that Johnny’s in the picture for Lara Jean to compare Peter to, things are the worst.

Oh, and then Lara Jean throws this time capsule party–they buried a time capsule three years ago, and now that same crew is going to open it. Peter, John, Chris, and some other people no one cares about were invited, even though Genevieve also buried the time capsule. Johnny is, of course, the first one there, and he’s real cute with Lara Jean, as usual.

So, Peter’s late, but then when he actually arrives, he brings Genevieve. What is wrong with you, Kavinsky?



But she doesn’t go home, and Peter spends the day trying to get her to not be mad at him. After the party, they go back to Lara Jean’s house, and then they fight. But it’s fine, because afterwards they hug, and he’s like, “Can we never fight again?”

Oh, but then there’s this game where they have to tag each other and whatever, and first Lara Jean has Johnny. She gets him out pretty quickly though, because he’s also her actual best friend–sorry, Chris, we all know Stormy is LJ’s best friend–‘s grandson. And so they see each other at the retirement home all the time, and she has plenty of time to tag him. But Johnny has Peter, which means that now Lara Jean has to tag Peter.

So she and Johnny create this plan to go to Peter’s lacrosse game, and LJ will be all decked out in school colors, and it’ll be fun, right? But then when they get there, Peter isn’t there. So they drive by Peter’s house to see what’s up, and he’s on his porch, hugging Genevieve. So Lara Jean freaks out, and then she goes home.

He comes over later, and they have a fight, but it doesn’t end with them hugging, it ends with them breaking up.

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This is really not okay. But then the ending is wonderful and

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Yeah. Oh my goodness, everyone, read this book.

Five stars:

five stars