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What to say, what to say. For starters, this position the cover model is in looks wildly uncomfortable. Like, what’s happening there with her arms? Ouch. I think it’s pretty, though, and fitting for the book.

Wither is about a girl named Rhine, who is taken by these people called Gatherers to a fancy-shmancy mansion with a fancy-shmancy husband. Only she’s sharing the aforementioned husband with two other girls–Jenna and Cecily. And there’s another wife, too, who dies close to the beginning of the book.

It’s told in Rhine’s point of view, and it’s essentially her plotting and planning to escape, which I understand. I kind of like Linden–her husband–and she ends up kind of liking him, too, but I imagine it’d be hard to love someone who took you away from your home, even if he doesn’t know what he’s doing to you.

I think I should also probably mention that this is dystopian, and in this world, the life span of males is 25 years old, and the lifespan of females is 20. So, you know, days are numbered and all.

Jenna is my favorite bride, because she likes to read and she’s not as annoying as Cecily, as dead as Rose, or as serious as Rhine. My least favorite is Cecily because she’s a mess. And I understand why she’s a mess, but seriously, chill. Also, she’s thirteen, and she is impregnated by Linden. That’s gross.

me and cecily.gif

Oh, and there’s Gabriel, the attendant who brings them all their meals. Rhine and Gabriel are supposed to be the main couple in this book, but I sort of really want Rhine to love Linden. And by sort of, I mean I just really want Rhine to love Linden. Gabriel is just all, “Why would you want to leave here?” and Rhine’s like, “I have a list of reasons.”

But Linden is just like, “Please don’t run away from me,” and she’s like, “Okay.”

WHICH IS (spoiler alert) A LIE.

But this book is just really amazing and well-written and perfect, and I love it. I was really reluctant to read it because my sister was being annoying about how good it was and how she thinks I’ll love it. She’s usually right, but I think it’s fun to make her mad.

So, read this book. And if anyone wants to get me Fever, you go right ahead. I need it.

Five stars:

five stars

Oh, I read Of Poseidon by Anna Banks a few days ago, but I’m apparently incapable of writing a review for it. I’ve tried several times, but I just really don’t know what to say. I gave it four stars on Goodreads.