the white rose

I don’t even know how to go about writing this, because this book was just so amazing and I really don’t think I can do it justice. But also, that coverrrrrrrr.

The White Rose is the second book in the (I don’t know the name of the trilogy) trilogy, and it is fantastic. The Jewel is the first book, and I loved it, but the second one was so much better. In The White Rose, you learn more about Ash’s life Pre-Violet, you find out what really went on while Raven was at the House of the Stone, and you learn about Lucien’s life before he met Violet.

This book really gets into the characters more, I think, and Violet discovers what her purpose in the downfall of the Jewel is going to be, and how it all ties together, and it’s just all around lovely. This didn’t have a whole lot of action, except for, like, sliding down incinerators and whatever, so if you require constant action and everybody doing stuff in books you read, then you probably won’t like this book very much.

The White Rose is just essentially Violet discovering what she’s capable of. There’s a lot about Ash’s life at the companion house, which made me kind of want to cry because his life sucked, and I love him, but it was worth it. And he and Violet were just snuggling and being cute all over everywhere, which was nice.

There’s a part where Ash, Violet, and Raven are going back to the companion house to sneak onto the trains there, but they got caught by Ash’s old roommate, Rye. And so they spend the night in Ash’s old room, and it’s fine, but then in the morning, Madame Curio comes to check on Rye, and they hide in the bathroom so she won’t find them. It was terrible because Ash was, like, cowering in the corner of the bathroom and I think it’s because he heard her voice, and it’s just awful. I was like:

me and ash.gif


Yeah, so this book is excellent. If you haven’t read The Jewel, you should read my review for it and then read the actual book. And then after that, read The White Rose, because it’s SO GOOD.

Five stars:

five stars