the luxe

According to Goodreads, I read this book a year ago, but that was definitely a lie on my behalf. I got The Luxe from the library a year ago, read three pages, and then told Goodreads I read it, because that’s how desperate I am to reach my reading goals for the year.

Anyway, I actually read it, and it is fantastic. If you don’t like scandals and backstabbing–fun stuff like that–then I promise you will not like this book. I for one love scandal. Especially in books like these, where there’s secret love affairs all over everywhere, and no one knows about them except for that one spiteful maid.

It’s fun. This book is great.

The Luxe is centered around the Holland sisters–Diana and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is society’s golden star, and everyone’s in love with her, while Diana likes to read and flirt with people she could never have. One of those people she can never have is Henry Schoonmaker, her sister’s fiance, but Henry and Diana are both pretty taken with each other, and so it’s all very scandalous and secret.

Also, there’s that lovely maid–Lina–who’s in love with the stableboy, who’s in love with Elizabeth, and it’s all a big mess. A beautiful mess.

The prologue consists of Elizabeth’s funeral, and then the rest of the book is before that, in the weeks leading up to the funeral and Elizabeth’s “death.”

I was really pleased with the ending and how everything flowed together so nicely, and I can’t wait to read the next one, which sounds like it’ll be great because it’s called Rumors. I’m willing to bet it’s going to be dripping with scandal.

I just really liked this book, and I especially like the parts where Henry and Diana are all:

diana and henry

Except in secret. And also while wearing corsets and waistcoats and fun stuff like that. Did I mention this takes place in Manhattan, 1899? And I was like:

i caaaant.gif

So, yeah. Five stars:

five stars