the perks of being a wallflower

This book is absolutely fantastic. I saw the movie before I read the book, and the book is definitely better. The movie was a great adaptation, but the original is always better than the movie. (Except for how Hermione Granger and Percy Jackson are in the movie.)

It’s hard to really describe this book, but I’ll try. The main character–Charlie–is writing letters about his freshman year in high school, featuring the friends he makes and his experiences with drugs and sex and things. It might be a tad bit inappropriate for my age, but I really enjoyed it because Charlie delivers the story in such a pure way, even things that are completely impure.

I have a lot of opinions about the crap that went down in this novel. Firstly, why does he keep ending up in situations where he can hear/see people having sex? Maybe he should invest in some earbuds. Also, why do the women in Charlie’s life make such poor choices in men? His sister’s boyfriend is a jerk, Sam’s boyfriend is a jerk, his aunt Helen had…issues that weren’t her fault, necessarily, and just ugh.

I adore Charlie. He is truly the loveliest person in this fictional world, I think. He just really wants everyone to be happy, because it makes him happy, and I think that’s wonderful. And he’s so completely honest with everyone–it’s amazing. I could never do that.

In conclusion:


You go, Stephen Chbosky.

Five stars because Charlieeeeee:

five stars