This is a paranormal romance series. My favorite type! It is about a 15 year old girl named Chloe Saunders. She is in school when she sees a man, who she later finds out is a ghost, and has a complete freak out that gets her sent to a home for “troubled teens”. After being there for a bit, she figures out she is a necromancer and everyone there is something supernatural. Derek, a werewolf, Simon, a warlock, and Tori, a witch. Those three being the most important ones. They find out the house there at is owned by the Edison Group. This leads to them running away and the rest of the books consist of them on the run and occasionally being held captive by various enemies. There is a love triangle between Chloe and the two brothers, Derek and Simon. She ends up with !!!SPOILER!!! Derek and everyone can see they belong together even Simon and he gave them permission to be together through a beautiful picture. It is an amazing story and everyone should read it. Chloe is a great character and actually acts how a teenager her age should,  not magically getting really mature! So, READ IT!


five stars