My opinions on this are kind-of half-formed because I finished it at 3 AM, and I wasn’t even a little bit sane, but it was excellent. I’ve been really excited to read this since I saw it on Amazon, and then I actually got it, and it was wonderful.

This book is about a girl named Nyx. She’s supposed to kill the Gentle Lord, because he’s the worst and everyone hates him. Also, she’s betrothed to him, so she’ll have some pretty good opportunities. Her father made a bargain with the Gentle Lord that if he gave him two healthy daughters, one of them would marry him when she turned seventeen.

Nyx is that daughter, and she’s one of the bitterer people on this planet. I can’t really blame her, but she could be a little more optimistic. So, after telling her family what she really thinks of them, she goes to the Gentle Lord’s tower, and then promptly falls asleep.

Like, right in the parlor. When she wakes up, he’s all snuggled with her, and it was really cute, except for then she tried to kill him, and I was like:

me being mad


She’s also the worst assassin on the face of the earth. I would appreciate her a lot more if she would ever actually try to kill him, but she just keeps failing. Over and over again, and it got a little annoying, but Ignifex–the Gentle Lord–is always really understanding about the attempts on his life, and it is fun-ny.

Oh, but then there’s Shade, who is a demon thing, but he’s human at night, and he likes to kiss Nyx and make her all confused. I don’t like him because he’s in the way of Ignifex and Nyx, who I ship.

This book is really good, and also super entertaining. So, read it, but don’t expect a lot of drama, except for Nyx taking herself way too seriously. She’s really grumpy and conflicted for this entire book, but I like her as a narrator, and also IGNIFEX IS SO CUTE.

He’s scared of the dark. Is that not the cutest thing? Especially since he’s he prince of demons and all. But he’s seriously the most adorable thing that’s ever happened. I love him.

And then the ending happened, and I was just:


Five stars because of how Ignifex keeps using Nyx as a pillow and she gets really grumpy about it:

five stars