My sister wanted to be the one to review this book–because she read it first–but it belongs to me, so I didn’t let her. She’ll deal.

Okay, this book was great. It got a little smutty sometimes, but that’s fine. I can skim. And it wasn’t, like, unbearable or anything. This is still YA. ‘

This book is a twist on Beauty and the Beast, essentially, but it went a little deeper than BATB did.

A Court of Thorns and Roses is about a girl named Feyre, pronounced Fay-ruh, by the way. I spent this entire book pronouncing it like ‘fair’, but there’s a pronunciation guide that ruined my life in the back. Yay.

Anyway, Feyre is a loser human who lives in a loser village with her loser family. She accidentally kills a faerie, and then a faerie High Lord–named Tamlin, by the way–gets all angry and breaks her front door He is not a loser. He’s perfect, excluding the slight anger problem.

There’s a treaty between the faeries and the humans, and since Feyre violated that treaty, she either has to die or go live with Tamlin. Naturally, she chose living with Tamlin.

They fall in love, and this book is about them and the curse Tamlin–and every other faerie, but who cares about them?–is under.

For anyone that’s read this book and ships Rhysand with Feyre, how? Feyre and Tamlin forever. Famlin. Yes.

Anywho, this book is amazing, and I recommend it to everyone.

Five stars because of that time Tamlin told Feyre that he loved her, “thorns and all,” and I died:

five stars

(There are so many squiggly red lines in this post because of how none of these names are actual names, and it’s messing me up. I apologize for any errors and for how none of the things I’m saying make any sense. It’s really late.)