shadow and bone

This setting of this book is unknown. The language and geography makes me think of Russia but it is never said. In this land called Ravka, there is a 15-year-old girl named Alina Starkov. She is a junior mapmaker in the Second Army about to cross the Shadow Fold. She finds out she is the Sun Summoner. With her power, the Shadow Fold can be destroyed. She is then taken to the Little Palace.  From there she has to become the Sun Summoner. There is the Darkling and her best friend she left at camp. Everyone in this book has secrets for a hidden alibi.

I read this book after reading Harry Potter when I was at a phase where I didn’t want to read anything else. I didn’t care for it the first time. I thought it was good but nothing special. Then I read it a year later and loved it. It has the romance and the fantasy aspect I like in books. I love how you see Alina grow up and become a leader. If you read the rest of the series it only gets better. It has a happily ever after, but not one you would expect. If someone ever asks me what my favorite book is, this is usually my answer.

“You’re very welcome,” she said, giving my hair a hard tug. “You should be used to being gawked at by now.”
“And yet I’m not.”
“Well, if it gets too bad, give me a signal, and I’ll get up on the banquet table, toss my skirt over my head, and do a little dance. That way no one will be looking at you.”

So, everyone should read this and love it or we can’t be friends.

five stars