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I remember when I was little, my sister and I would watch this movie every night, and we absolutely adored it. The movie isn’t far off from the book, but I still liked the book much better. As per usual.

Ella Enchanted is obviously about a girl named Ella, who was placed under a curse when she was born saying that she had to be obedient. This is pretty dangerous because if someone told her to jump off a cliff, she has to do it, and people have a tendency to enjoy holding power.

Anyway, Ella is spunky and wonderful, and I absolutely adore her. I don’t know if you’ve ever been under an obedience spell, but I imagine it’d be difficult to be as stubborn as she is. She’s really good at finding loopholes in people’s orders, and she rarely ever complies happily.

Ella Enchanted is the tale of Ella trying to break her curse. She meets Prince Charmont along the way, who’s real cute and clearly very infatuated with her, but she’s kind of dense, so she doesn’t see that until close to the end.

So, this book was amazing, and I sincerely hope that anyone who reads it enjoys it, because I definitely did.

Five stars because of that time Char got Ella a centaur????:

five stars