happily ever after

I haven’t written reviews for The Selection, The Elite, The One, or The Heir, buuuut, I really wanted to review this because I read it recently.


This book features all of the novellas Kiera has written with The Selection series and an extra epilogue for The One. Also, illustrations to go with the books, which I would take a picture of to put on here, but my photography skills don’t even exist. But there’s two of America and Maxon, one of America and Aspen, one of Daphne and Maxon, one of just Maxon, one of just Aspen, one of just Marlee, two of Marlee and Carter, one of Celeste, etc.

It’s great. I read it all in one day, partly because it’s a really easy read and also because it’s freaking amazing. I devoured it.

SPOILER ALERT: The extra scene for The One is America telling Maxon she’s pregnant.

Guys, this entire book is like super class, well-written fanfiction. If you like fanfiction–or if you don’t, it’s great either way–you will love this. And there’s also classy fan art.

This whole book is perfection. Read it.

Five stars because of King Clarkson and Queen Amberly’s love story:

five stars