This book. I read it ages ago, and I feel very strongly about it. It was a wonderful book. Dystopian, of course, but isn’t everything? The idea is really original, though, I think. And I just found it to be an amazing book. I’ve never read anything by Lauren Oliver, but I feel like I really should, because she is an amazing author. I recommend this book to all. Here’s a summary:

So, in this world, scientists have deemed love a disease called amor deliria nervosa. When you turn eighteen, you receive the cure, which prevents you from loving people. Lena, the main character, is months away from getting her cure when she falls in love, which surprises her greatly since she generally follows the rules of this society.

She meets and falls in love with Alex Sheathes, causing her to rethink her views on everything in her life. This book is great, and Lauren Oliver is an amazing writer.

Also, Alex Sheathes is what I’d like to call perfect, so there’s another reason you should read this book.

Delirium is beautiful, really. Love conquers all. There’s a quote in this book that I will remember for the rest of my life, partly because it’s, like, nine words, but mostly because it’s wonderful.

“I love you. Remember. They cannot take it.”

I think I mentioned this in my favorite books post, but I think I’ll be deleting that soon because I didn’t actually think about any of those. Anyway, I sincerely hope you read this book because it is absolutely amazing. Lauren Oliver is so freaking creative.

Five stars because it deserves them:

five stars