rebel angels

Oh, how I love this book.

Have you ever read a book and then been so amazed and happy and sad and frustrated? Okay, so take those feelings, multiply them by seven billion–that’s how I felt after I finished this.

In this book, Gemma, Felicity, and Ann are still struggling to cope with Pippa’s death, when they find out that she’s still alive and radiant in the Realms. Gemma is informed of the Temple, which is located in the Realms and holds all the magic. Gemma has to try to get to find the Temple and claim the magic before the other creatures of the Realms can. This book gets into the social structure of the Realms, with centaurs, Untouchables, and other things I’m forgetting the name of. Kartik and Gemma get real cute in this book, so get pumped for that, but there’s a new love interest–Simon Middleton. Gemma has bigger problems than boys, but she focuses a lot more attention on the boys thing than the keeping-the-magic-of-the-Temple-out-of-corrupted-hands thing.

This is my least favorite book in the series, but that’s really just because I’ve read it the least number of times, so I haven’t gotten to really appreciate it for what it is. The other books, however, have been read and reread until my brain can essentially recite the first chapter from memory. Don’t get me wrong–this book is amazing–but I just didn’t love it as much as the others.

When I got this book, I remember skipping out of the bookstore–Edward McKay, if you were wondering–with this book and being really excited. I hope that if you guys get this book, you feel the same way, because it is truly an amazing book.

Libba Bray is a freaking sorceress.

Five stars:

five stars