So, I read these books in third grade. They were really good then, and when I reread them last week, they were still really good. It’s a spy series, which I generally don’t enjoy, but these books were interesting and fun to read, and they got really intense in the third book, but I liked it anyways.

It’s about a fifteen-year-old girl named Cameron Morgan, but she goes by Cammie, who attends a spy school called Gallagher Academy Exceptional Young Women. They learn things like Encryption Codes and Covert Operations, which is always fun. Anyway, so, their teacher, Mr. Soloman, takes them into town one night for a mission, where Cammie meets Josh, who is immediately infatuated by her. This sparks up a forbidden romance that causes Cammie a number of issues, but she ignores all the things that are going wrong and keeps seeing him, like an idiot.

Anyway, it’s really good.

This book felt like more of a prequel than a first book, but it was amazing anyway. In the second book, Cammie has a new love interest, and that’s also when Carter introduces the antagonist, so I really think that this book felt kind of detached from the others, but I genuinely feel that it is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I mean, the other books in this series are better than the first one, but I just love these books so much and I think everyone should read them.

So, um, don’t skip this book, because it introduces most of the main characters, but don’t think that the others are going to be like this one, because they’re not. At all.

Five stars.

five stars