palace of mirrors

I finished Palace of Mirrors roughly five minutes ago, and it was wonderful.

It’s about a girl named Cecelia, who has been told all her life that she is the true princess of Suala. She is kept in hiding for protection, and there is a pretender on the throne, Desmia, whose life is in constant danger. Cecelia’s best friend, Harper– who is a boy, by the way, and also very cute– doesn’t know that she’s the true princess, but when she tells him, he’s upset with her for allowing the fake princess’s life to be put in danger. Cecilia and Harper then proceed to walk to Cortona, where they discover that Desmia has been told that she is the true princess, and that there are pretenders to the throne. Also, there are eleven other true princesses in the dungeon.

It’s really fast-paced and easy to read. It doesn’t go into too much detail, but there’s enough that you can imagine what everyone looks like, and there’s some romance, which is always important to me, but it’s not sappy. And Cecelia is such an interesting character to read about because she’s constantly doubting herself and simultaneously being wonderfully brave.

Also, the cover is very confusing.

It makes it look like Desmia and Cecelia are twins or something. They are not. They look completely different.

Also, there’s a twist at the end that ties everything together and makes the book so much better and it was really wonderful and I just think everyone in the world should read this.

Anyhow, it’s a great read. Five stars.

five stars