I read Scarlet a few weeks ago, I believe, but I only just now got the sequel, Lady Thief, which, so far, is amazing. Anyways, this book was really wonderful and unique and I just really liked the way it was written. It took a little getting-used-to, but I eventually didn’t really notice it.

I’ll give you a kind-of brief summary of the book. The main character is Will Scarlet, of the Robin Hood legend, but, plot twist, Will Scarlet is actually a girl named Scarlet. But only three people know; Much, John, and Robin, who she calls Rob. John has a bit of a crush on Scarlet, but it’s made pretty clear that Rob is Scarlet’s love interest. Anyway, so, Robin’s band goes out whenever they can and they feed the people. Butm unfortunately, the Sheriff doesn’t like this, so he’s trying to kill them all. He eventually brings in Gisbourne, the thief taker, who Scarlet has a past with.

I won’t spoil the rest, but it’s really good.

I just really love the way it’s written because it’s told from a thief’s point of view, and, generally, thieves won’t have perfect speech. It did a good job of being simultaneously well-written and, uh, not? It’s difficult to describe, but it’s about three-hundred or so pages, it’s not hard to read; everyone should read this book.

It’s got a lot of adventure, but there is some romance closer to the end. It’s about friendship and love and loyalty, and it just has a nice message, I think. I really liked this book, and I hope you do too!

I’m giving it five stars, if you couldn’t tell by the five stars located below:

five stars